Paul Ellsworth

Contemporary classical composer
I was a double major in college and hold a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.M. in Theory and Composition; I play a variety of instruments, but primarily piano and French horn. I also conduct a variety of ensembles, including a choir and wind band.

I enjoy a lot of musical styles, including classical (from monophonic chant to impressionistic), jazz, blues, ragtime, big band, swing, rock, and various world/ethnic music. My composition style tends to be primarily influenced by classical and jazz/swing, and frequently has a dash of humor in it. I also enjoy mimicking other world music styles or instruments. My compositions and arrangements have been performed at recitals, annual Christmas concerts, conferences, and churches.

Some of my most representative works are smaller ensemble works, especially brass quintet arrangements of well-known tunes (patriotic, Christmas, etc.) and handbell quartet arrangements of mostly Christmas music.